My name is Eric, and if you're one of my military forces Veteran Brothers or Sisters, I am so thrilled you've found this Site and the Vet Stone it contains!

It will profoundly change your post-Service life. I know because I've seen it happen hundreds of times! I want it to be tens-of-thousands!

Here's how I discovered it!

You see, I wandered around in the job desert for 12 years after leaving Military Service. I chased degrees, certifications, and titles, amassing handfuls of each, piles of student debt, but always hearing I had the wrong ones, or not enough experience, to do what I wanted; to do what I knew I was capable of from reviewing the job descriptions!

Then I figured it out! I wasn't framing what I had done and what I was capable of doing in the new context of what I could do for the civilian employer. Once I opened that door with the key I had unearthed in the job desert, the Vet Stone, I entered the land of professional milk and honey, project management, and the rest is history!

This new career, my new context, provided much more than a paycheck too! It provided what I had really been missing to my very core; a sense of purpose and identity. I've spent 20+ years developing the knowledge, experience, and professionalism necessary to bring you the Vet Stone.


I know what you're capable of because I spent 8 years in both a Navy and Army uniform, and I know what industry needs you to sound like, look like, and behave like, because I've spent 20+ years hiring, developing, and deploying professional project managers.

You, like the thousands of other Military Veterans I've helped talk about what they can do in the new context of what they want to do, can profoundly change your fortune and life with the Vet Stone.