Vet Stone

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  • Military Missions, Exercises and Projects are defined the same: temporary endeavors that create unique products, services, or results.
  • This means any military Veteran ever responsible for planning, resourcing, leading, and documenting mission or exercise performance has project management experience; experience in an informal, secondary military occupation we call project management in the CIVDIV, i.e. the civilian workforce.
  • This secondary military occupational experience is highly valuable in the civilian workforce; experienced, credentialed project managers across the globe average $84,000 per year doing meaningful work.  In the US, it’s about $90,000, and in Canada, about $115,000.
  • The Vet Stone software application translates this secondary military occupation experience into commercially viable, highly valuable project management experience military Veterans can use on their project management credential applications, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Join the thousands that have used this invaluable experience to secure meaningful, lucrative careers in project management by creating your free, secure account today.

“I created Vet Stone with two objectives in mind.  The first was to give military Members and Veterans a modern, relevant, free, technology-based tool to capture and convey the immense value of their obscure, informal secondary military occupation experience: project management; and the second was to educate PMI, defense departments, and military Members and Veterans about their immense socioeconomic value as Project Managers, and help them place into the CIVDIV as such”.                            ~Eric A. Wright, Ph.D., PMP~


  • A stone stelae found at the Egyptian port city of Rosetta in 1799 AD was dubbed “the Rosetta Stone”.
  • This discovery was extremely powerful because the Rosetta Stone, created in 196 BC, allowed modern linguists to read Hieroglyphs, thereby unlocking the rich, valuable history of Egypt of antiquity!
  • That’s because the stone contained 1 message: an announcement of Pharaoh Ptolemy’s coronation, but in 3 different scripts: Hieroglyphs at the top; Demotic Script in the middle of the stone, and Greek at the bottom.  They used the formal, understood language of the Greek administrators of the time to translate backwards into the tongue spoken by common Egyptians of the day, Demotic Script, which then allowed them to translate backwards into the obscure language of Hieroglyphs, which was only spoken by the priests, a very small segment of the population.
  • The Vet Stone works the same way!  Military Veterans, a very small population of today’s societies, can translate their rich, valuable military work history out of the obscure language of Military Leadership into the common, universally understood, commercially viable language of Project Management, which can then be translated into the valuable language spoken by today’s hiring managers; General Management.
  • When you run your military work experience through the Vet Stone software, you produce for yourself a professional summary that is easily understood and highly valued by civilian hiring managers; and you can use it on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your project management credential applications.  You convey clearly the immense commercial value of all the work you did in your secondary military occupation of project management.


  • Vet Stone will be the only supervised machine learning, Web-based software application in the entire military transition space, and the power it brings active and reserve military Forces and Veterans is absolutely profound!  It translates what the Veteran did into what they want to do; their new professional context!
  • It is also absolutely free!​
  • It learns from the Veteran as they input their experience; refining it’s suggestions accordingly!
  • It was developed by a military Veteran-turned business executive for military Veterans.  It takes the Veteran’s personal input, maps it to the project management profession’s lexicon, and uses the decades of experience and thousands of examples of PMI-accepted project summaries it’s constantly exposed to to produce an accurate, personalized, commercially viable, highly valuable project management experience summary military Veterans can use on their PMP applications, their resumes, and their LinkedIn profiles!
  • It is platform and project management credential training provider agnostic!  It can help every Veteran that ever managed a project talk about it an a highly valuable manner!
  • Additionally, other algorithms are being created to do the same thing for any industry predicated on a professional body of knowledge, or BOK, that has an associated credential proving the credential-bearer’s basic command of the profession’s lexicon, tool box, and role expectations.
  • The professional possibilities now accessible to our transitioning Military Forces Members and Veterans using the Vet Stone is increased exponentially!​
  • You’ll simply create and verify your free account; enter all the military missions and exercises you planned, resourced, led, and documented; receive your personal, commercially-viable project management summary report highly valued by the CIVDIV; and put this report content onto your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or your project management credential applications!